The convening of the general meeting

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The convening of the general meeting

13.1Decisions of the association are made in meetings of the active members.


13.2At least once a year, if possible in the last quarter, the ordinary general meeting of the active members shall take place. It will be convened by the executive board with a notice period of two weeks in writing by e-mail, stating the agenda.
For this purpose the members have to provide the association with an e-mail address.


13.3Extraordinary general meetings are to be called if necessary and in legal cases; in this case the period of notice for the invitation can be shortened to one week by the executive board.


13.4The letter of invitation shall be deemed to have been received by the member if it is sent to the last address notified to the Association in writing by the member. Address means either a postal address or an e-mail address.


13.5Notification in writing shall be understood to mean not only the transmission in writing by letter or fax, but also the transmission by e-mail or by electronic form on the Association's website.


13.6The agenda is set by the executive board.


13.7General Meetings are usually held at the Association's headquarters, but it is also possible to hold a General Meeting by means of an electronic conference. Communication channels such as video conferences or telephone conferences can be used for this purpose. As an example Skype is mentioned here.