Executive Board resolutions

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Executive Board resolutions

11.1The Executive Board generally takes its decisions in Executive Board meetings, which are convened in writing by the 1st Chairman or the 2nd Chairman, i.e. by letter, e-mail or by telegraph or telephone. In any case, a notice period of three days must be observed. A notification of the agenda is not required. The Executive Board is quorate if at least two members of the Executive Board, including the 1st chairman or the 2nd chairman, are present. Resolutions are passed by a majority of the valid votes cast. In case of a tie, the vote of the head of the Executive Board meeting is decisive.


11.2The Executive Board meeting is chaired by the 1st chairman, in his absence by the 2nd chairman. The resolutions of the board of directors are to be recorded for evidence purposes and signed by the chairperson of the meeting.


11.3Meetings of the Executive Board usually take place at the seat of the association.


11.4A decision of the Executive Board may be taken in writing by letter, fax, telegraph, e-mail or even by telephone conference or video conference such as Skype, provided that all Executive Board Members declare their agreement with the regulation to be adopted.


11.5Proxy voting is permitted. The Executive Board shall also have a quorum if not all of the offices of the Executive Board are occupied.