Executive Board

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Executive Board

8.1The Executive Board within the meaning of § 26 BGB consists of  


a)the first chairman

b)the second chairman


8.2The 1st chairman and the 2nd chairman are each individually authorized to represent the association.


8.3The executive board is exempt from the restrictions of § 181 BGB.

The combination of several board offices in one person is not permitted.


8.4The executive board is responsible for all matters of the association, as far as they are not transferred to the general meeting by the statutes.


8.5The executive board decides on all idealistic, economic and strategic matters.


8.6The executive board can adopt rules of procedure for itself, in which, among other things, the areas of responsibility of the individual members of the executive board are defined.


8.7The executive board is only liable to the association and its members for intent and gross negligence.


8.8The executive board is responsible for the conclusion of employment contracts with executive board members according to § 26 BGB (§ 8 point 8.1 of the statutes).


8.9The executive board can receive remuneration for its work for the association.


8.10Expenses for the association are reimbursed in accordance with § 670 BGB against presentation of receipts.