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4.1The admission of active and passive members is decided by the executive board.


4.2Any natural and legal person can become a member of the association.


4.3Prerequisite for the acquisition of membership is a written application for admission in the form of a letter, fax or e-mail to be sent to the board. Preferably, the application for admission is made by means of an electronic form on the website of the association. The board of directors decides on the application for admission at its own discretion.


4.4The membership ends


a)With the death of the member,

b)by voluntary resignation,

c)by removal from the membership list,

d)by exclusion from the association,

e)in the case of legal persons, by their dissolution.


4.5Voluntary resignation is effected by written declaration by letter, fax or e-mail to a member of the board. It is only permissible at the end of a calendar year, subject to a notice period of three months.


4.6A member can be removed from the membership list by resolution of the board if he is in arrears with the payment of the membership fee despite two reminders. The member must be informed of the deletion in writing.


4.7A member can be excluded from the association by resolution of the general meeting if he or she has grossly violated the interests of the association. Before the resolution is passed, the member must be given the opportunity to justify himself/herself personally. Any written statement by the person concerned must be read out at the general meeting.


4.8The name Help2Help and the signs used by the association (LOGO) may only be used in connection with the work of the association.