Purpose of the association

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Purpose of the association

2.1The purpose of the association is the promotion of science and research, education and training, art and culture, environmental protection, youth and elderly care, public health care, as well as the support of the welfare system and charitable purposes.


2.2The purpose of the statutes is particularly realized by the procurement of funds for the promotion of these purposes by another tax-privileged corporation or a public corporation in the sense of § 58 No. 1 AO.


2.3In addition, the association can also directly realize its purpose of promotion itself, e.g. by means of scientific events, research projects, awarding research contracts, maintenance of educational counselling centres, the fight against drug abuse, maintenance of kindergartens, children's homes, youth homes or recreation homes as well as other projects.


2.2The association is non-profit-making; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.