Dissolution of the association and entitlement to accrual

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Dissolution of the association and entitlement to accrual

16.1The dissolution of the association can only be decided in a general meeting with the majority of votes stipulated in § 12. Unless the general meeting decides otherwise, the 1st chairman and the 2nd chairman are jointly authorised liquidators. The above regulations apply accordingly in the event that the association is dissolved for another reason or loses its legal capacity.


16.2In the event of the dissolution of the association or the discontinuation of tax-privileged purposes, the assets of the association shall be transferred to a legal entity under public law or another tax-privileged corporation to be determined by the general meeting, which shall use them directly and exclusively for the support of persons who are in need in the sense of § 53 AO due to their physical, mental or psychological condition.



The above statutes were established on April 02, 2018 in Frankfurt am Main by the founding meeting.



Olaf W. Steger Stempel rund-06

 Olaf Werner Steger

    1st chairman